Neighborhood Walk Score Map

Walk Score is the only international measure of walkability and the leading provider of neighborhood maps to the real estate industry. This map is provided by Walk Score Professional

Pedestrians with Disabilities

Disabilities are common through all ages. Those with permanent physical disabilities, often kept away from society in the past, are now walking and bicycling on a regular basis. Many others have temporary conditions, including pregnancy, and broken or sprained limbs that may restrict their mobility. The disabled group includes:
  • Those who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, mobility impaired, mentally/emotionally impaired, or other.
  • Many older adults who have reduced abilities.
  • People who were previously institutionalized and are not trained to walk the streets.
  • Those dependent on alcohol or drugs who may be hard to recognize.
The MPO collaborates with related agencies to ensure that the needs of those with impaired mobility are addressed in MPO transportation projects.
Crosswalk Maintenance/ Request a New Crosswalk within the City of Morgantown 
Sidewalk Repair and Requests for New Sidewalks within the City of Morgantown
Mountain Line Transit Authority ADA Complaints
Request for Road Repair on roads maintained by the State

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